We are launching with our first store – Meet SHRUB



We are excited to announce our first partner shop to join the Thrifty marketplace. SHRUB is a cooperative community in Edinburgh that is working like us towards at a no-waste world, a low carbon life and building a community to swap preloved items, rescue food and learn new skills like fixing your bike and learning how to sew that will help you work towards saving your beloved belongings instead of getting rid of them.

We are working on digitizing some of SHRUB’S Zero Waste Hub so you can browse safely and from a safe social distance. Simply reserve and go pick up!

Do you have things you no longer use? Don’t throw them out, please bring them over and the shop will be happy to have it or swap them for tokens that you can use to purchase other preloved items!

You can find the Zero Waste Hub, the Swapshop, a cafe and a Food sharing Hub  on 22 Bread Street

  • The Food Sharing Hub is a space where you can buy rescued food on a pay-as-you-feel basis; and a Cafe where you can relax and get inspired by the community.

Other spaces that SHRUB offers

  • On 13 Guthrie Street at the Wee Spoke Hub,  you can find a bike workshop, where you can join to fix-your-own-bike sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 5-8 pm, or on volunteer nights on Wednesday evenings, same time. You can also buy bike parts and bikes that SHRUB volunteers have fixed up. (Check for Covid19 updates as times and availability might have changed)
  • At SHRUB Space on 17 Guthrie Street, you can join us for Sewing Drop-in sessions on Thursday evenings 5-7 pm, as well as other events and meetings. You’ll also find our second office, where our Zero Waste Edinburgh team works. (Check for Covid19 updates as times and availability might have changed)
  • In May and June, you can find SHRUB volunteers in the university halls and across the city, collecting items that students have left behind as a part of our annual end-of-term collections. We give them away at our annual Free shop in September and at other Free shops throughout the year. Beyond the collections, we also run a variety of other events and workshops, including the Zero Waste Festival, upcycling and repair workshops, sustainable fashion meet-ups, and much more. (Check for Covid19 updates as times and availability might have changed)
  • Finally, the Food Sharing network collects food year-round from small and medium businesses such as bakeries and distributes it to anyone who might want to eat it, including charities, the volunteers themselves, and bread boxes in businesses throughout the city. (Check for Covid19 updates as times and availability might have changed)





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